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Zeal Mortgage & Protection Services


Zeal is a new start up business, so we worked closely together on name creation. Then we went on to developing the logo, brand guidelines and print work before developing the design and structure of the website.

In terms of vision, I wanted to create a vibrant and energetic brand that matches up to Pam’s personality, whilst also standing out in the mortgage sector. For the logo, I did not want to do the obvious and put a house in there. When we had our initial meeting, one thing that Pam was very passionate about was always being there whenever her clients needed her. So, with that in mind, I created an abstract ‘Z’ out of 2 speech bubbles to depict communication between Pam and her clients. This direction gave the brand personality, coupled with the bold colour palette and font.

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Skills Used

Branding / Name Generation / Logo / Web Design /
Web Development  / Print


Photography & Videography by TPD Digital