Websites are a worthwhile investment for just about any business, and it’s important that it is done right so new and existing customers can easily find you and so they keep coming back.

When I build websites, no expense is spared. I build sites that are built completely bespoke from the ground up, from initial research and wireframing to coding with HTML & CSS. And what’s better? All the websites I produce are optimised for mobile as standard so you can look good even on the smallest screen.

What type of website do I need?

I offer a few different kinds of websites. I have listed a brief description of each one below!

Static Websites

Looking for a visually creative website where content updates are less frequent? Then a static website is most suited to you.

All you need to do is supply the finalised content (text and images), and you’re that’s it. I fit it all into place. Everything is strategically positioned to ensure your site is effective, user-friendly and beautiful.

Any updates such as text changes or adding new pages and functionality that the website may require in the future can be made by myself for an additional charge.

CMS Websites

Regularly updating the information on your website is a great way to ensure you are current and your customers are kept up to speed.

A CMS site allows you to update content, images and even new pages with absolute ease and for no additional cost. CMS websites cost more than a static website but if you make a lot of changes, it practically pays for itself over time.

Based on your requirements, I will discuss with you the different types of CMS that I offer to ensure that both you and your customers have a great online experience.

E-commerce Websites

Looking to sell your products online? I offer a full e-commerce service for businesses looking to take the next step. Whether it’s selling physical products or digital/downloadable ones, drop me an email and let’s talk!

Mobile friendly

More and more people are now viewing the internet on the go with their smartphone or tablet, so it’s worth considering how user-friendly your site is to those on smaller screens.

As standard on all websites I build. I tailor the look of your website so it is more accessible on a range of mobile devices without altering the standard desktop version.

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