Logo design is my bread and butter. I take a lot of pride when producing my logos, from the initial meeting, the research of styles, colours and your competitors to the delivery of the final files. Rest assured, together we will make the journey a simple as possible.

Do i need a NEW one?

Having a memorable logo is possibly the most integral part of your company’s image. It is the first thing a customer or a potential client will see before they consider contacting you.

When I design a logo, I always take future functionality into consideration. For example, you may require print material or even a responsive website further down the line. So with that in mind, I will design your logo with a few variations so it can be adapted and be used wherever you decide to use it.

Design Process


1. Enquire

Get in contact with me via the contact page to get the ball rolling!

2. Logo Questionnaire

You will be sent a link to a form to fill out. This will help us both understand your likes, dislikes and what direction you want to take your business.

3. Proposal/Deposit

I will write up a proposal based on the completed questionnaire. Once you are happy, a 50% deposit will be requested before any work takes place.

4. Concepts

I will produce a document showing 4 mock up designs and my thoughts behind them. You will choose 2 designs for further development.

5. Concept approval/Refinement

When you have selected one of the two designs, the final design will go through further refinements.

6. Approval and Handover

Once you’re happy with the final design, the remaining balance will be paid and you will receive your design in all relevant formats.

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